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Please find all of Thomas Paine's published works Here

Article by Prof. J.C.D. Clark published in the TLS September 2015 

Monuments to Liberty

Did Thomas Paine write the whole of Rights of Man, and if not, what does that mean for our understanding of the French Revolution? 

TLS Paine pdf.pdf (PDF — 75 KB)

Out there on YouTube- Bill Speck and Paul Myles with the Bald Explorer on Thomas Pain in Lewes, on this link

The Most Valuable Englishman EVER! see this famous documentary by Kenneth Griffith  here

An excellent  new article about Paine's Agrarian Justice just out in The Globalist

Thomas Paine Tribute Song - By Thetford folk singer Stig Denson

The Friends of  Thomas Muir , one of the Scottish Martyrs  HERE

Thomas Paine song and other songs by Thetford Folk Singer Stig Denson here

Lewes History Group