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There's a lot going on at the moment, a festival in Manchester featuring Thomas Paine's Bones! see the Events page

A fundraising effort to renovate the statue of Thomas Paine in his home town of Thetford, see the Help the Statue page

A brilliant review of our latest publication The Rise of Thomas Paineby Jett Connor of The Journal of the American Revolution 

The Thomas Paine Society UK are embarking on a closer relationship with The Institute of Intellectual History at the University of St Andrews

And Disney have published a book on Thomas Paine! Thomas Paine and the Dangerous Word was authored by Sarah Jane Marsh 

Sarah reached out to Paul Myles, our society's author of The Rise of Thomas Paine for help of Paine's Lewes life. Paul and Sarah are shown below in a recent visit by Sarah from Washington State, where Paul gave the Paine tour of Lewes and surrounds. Both books are for sale through the links

The Thomas Paine Society  UK have donated  a copy of each of these books to the Lewes Library 

Paul Myles and Sarah Jane Marsh exchanging books